About Us

Our Story

Health Branding Studio is a Marketing and Design Agency that has one goal: Helping Health Businesses create an effective online presence that converts online traffic on your site to new customers.
One day, when having a chat with one of our doctors, we discussed the strategies that He was using to reach new patients. He told us about the stuff that he had tried in the past, and how was frustrated with the lack of results.
Because of our experience in website development and online marketing we asked if he had tried online strategies to take advantage of the power that the internet offers when it comes to attracting new patients.
He told us that He was aware of this potential, but wasn’t sure of what it took to make it happen, how complicated it would be or where to get started.
That’s when we realized that we could use our knowledge to help him and also help other Doctors and Health Professionals use modern online strategies to grow their business online.

We are looking forward to helping you create an effective online presence that will help you take your business to the next level.

Our Team


Eduardo Calvachi


Eduardo has a background in the web design and development industry. He has worked as an independent contractor designing websites for individuals and businesses as well as a programmer for technology companies. He’s fascinated by using design and marketing tools that make websites stand out and ultimately get results.


Fernando Calvachi


Fernando studied marketing and communications in college. He has a background in online marketing having designed marketing strategies for his clients. He is interested in the impact the internet has had on social interactions and the way of doing business. He specializes in creating effective ways of online communication for businesses.